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You regularly hear stories about people buying houses in Calgary, only to discover that after buying the property that the plumbing is bad, roof needs replacing, or that your furnace has reached the end of its use.

Buying a home in Calgary without getting an home inspection can present you with unexpected health and safety issues, and BIG financial burdens depending on the costs to get repairs made. However, many of these health and safety issues, financial burdens and 'unknowns' can be uncovered and presented to you before you ever buy the property.

A home inspection makes you aware of what you're getting into before you ever sign your name on a 30-year mortgage; and at King Home Inspections, we've been protecting families like yours in and around Calgary, Alberta from buying a 'money pit'.

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3 Ways a Home Inspection Protects You

In many home buying transactions, it’s standard practice to include a clause making the purchase contingent upon the findings of a home inspection.

  • 1. Gives You a Way 'OUT'
  • 2. Great Negotiation Tool
  • 3. Deal Breakers


A thorough home inspection can uncover critical information about a house and it’s systems. This makes you aware of what costs, repairs and maintenance the home may require immediately, and over time. If you aren’t comfortable with the findings of the inspection, it offers you the opportunity to back out of the offer to buy.

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Ask Henry the Calgary Home Inspector...

Got questions?  Need recommendations about repairs? Home inspector Henry Kingma has the answers...

QUESTION: I bought a home in Calgary but didn't use a home inspection company. I've uncovered what appears to be the homeowner attempting to cover-up 'damages' in an effort to conceal. Do I have any recourse? 

ANSWER: Yes. Depending on what you uncovered. Could you go more into detail of what you found, or give me a call: 403-481-8800.

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What Our Alberta Home Inspection Clients Say...

Thank you to both you and Henry for your work. We will definitely be recommending you. You have made our experience very easy and less stressful!” Henry was extremely thorough and detailed in his inspection. He took time to explain all his findings and observations, answer questions and to make excellent recommendations. The report was very professional and timely. His expertise and sincerity made us feel very confident in our home purchase. We would recommend King Inspections to anyone!

Jason Calgary, Alberta

We have learned so much home knowledge from you. If we have any questions or need your help, we will call you or email you. If our friends need home inspection, we will recommend you.

Thank you to both you and Henry for your work. We will definitely be recommending you. You have made our experience very easy and less stressful!

Nick Calgary, Alberta

During his inspection of my home Henry was very professional and thorough. He spent a great deal of time examining my home, both inside and out.

The report provided to me by King Home Inspections was very detailed. I really appreciated the pictures that were included in the report, which allowed me to clearly identify problems that needed fixing.

The report also highlighted major concerns as well as potential safety hazards, allowing me to make the needed repairs to my house that I was previously unaware of.

The home inspection and the ensuing report was very worthwhile to me as a homeowner and I would highly recommend King Home Inspections.

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Calgary, Alberta Home Inspector

Meet your Calgary home inspector...

Hi, my name is Henry Kingma and along with my wife Denise we own and operate King Home Inspections. We take pride in our profession and the work that we do. We believe our clients deserve to have their inspection done in a calm and friendly manner. The knowledge that I provide will make your...

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